Recognised as the premium pneumatic fender, Yokohama fenders offer superior value - delivering enhanced safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Designed to withstand even the harshest of marine conditions, Yokohama fenders deliver exceptional performance across their lifetime, they’re integral to the protection and safeguarding of people, vessels, and port infrastructure during mooring and berthing operations.

With over 60 years of engineering excellence and operational experience built into their design, Yokohama fenders are guaranteed to ISO 17357-1 standards.

With a large global stock of premium Yokohama pneumatic fenders, James Fisher Fendercare has availability in a variety of sizes to suit your specific requirements. Our expert project engineers can design bespoke fendering solutions using these top-of the range fenders. Just get in contact to discuss your needs.

In addition to purchase options, we also provide Yokohama pneumatic fenders on short or long-term hire to suit your project requirements, delivering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your pneumatic fenders

The superior performance and durability of Yokohama fenders offer exceptional safety standards, as well as maximising the return on your investment. Yokohama fenders deliver enhanced cost-effectiveness across their whole lifespan compared to lower-quality alternatives, due to their longevity and optimum safety and performance.

JF Fendercare also provide in-house fender inspection and maintenance services globally by our expert technicians, to ensure the ongoing high safety standard and performance of your fenders.

Protect your people and your assets

Safety is paramount. Yokohama fenders play a critical role in protecting people and high value assets in the marine environment from damage, such as vessels, mooring facilities and ports.

Original Yokohama pneumatic fenders are guaranteed to comply with ISO17357-1:2014  - engineered above accepted international standards to ensure maximum safety levels. All Yokohama fenders are manufactured and rigorously tested to full compliance and detailed certification is provided, giving you full confidence.

Benefits of Yokohama pneumatic floating fenders

Durability and longevity

Yokohama pneumatic fenders are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions delivering proven performance. Due their premium quality, minimal ongoing maintenance is required, reducing their whole life costs. Yokohama is renowned for representing outstanding value for money and confidence in the protection of high value marine assets.


Safe for excess load

Even under excess loads, the reaction force of Yokohama pneumatic fenders does not increase sharply. Delivering high performance in demanding situations, they protect ships and mooring facilities with great efficiency.


Safety and reliability

Yokohama fenders are constructed using several layers of premium tyre cord and are extremely resistant to over-pressure and accidental damage. Larger sizes (2.5m diameter upward) are fitted with a pressure release valve to prevent accidents in the event of over pressure due to high berthing velocities.


No deterioration or variation in performance

Utilising the compressive elasticity of air, there is no performance deterioration in pneumatic fenders due to fatigue or berthing angles, unlike solid rubber fenders. Their performance also remains unchanged at extremely low temperatures, even at -50°C (-58°F), negating the need for regular replacements.


Non-marking variants

JF Fendercare developed a lightweight grey navy fender in close cooperation with Yokohama, following extensive trials and input from the UK Royal Navy. The lightweight fenders have a grey rubber outer skin to ensure no marking of naval vessels, or other vessels with non-marking requirements, and comes with a non-magnetic metal mouthpiece at both ends.

Typical pneumatic fender applications

Yokohama fenders have been used effectively worldwide for a wide range of marine applications, including ship-to-quay and ship-to-ship applications, and are proven to perform safely even when excess load is applied to them. They also offer increased flexibility as they can be easily transferred to alternative mooring points.

Applications include:

  • Buoyancy aids; providing vessel stand-off or double berthing requirements
  • Interim fendering during marine construction or maintenance work
  • Naval applications
  • One-off berths
  • Ports and terminals
  • Ship-to-ship transfers


Below are some of the most commonly-asked questions we receive regarding our fender range. Please get in touch with our expert team if you have a question that isn’t covered here. 

The Yokohama pneumatic floating fender is fully compliant with ISO 17357 and PAINC 2014 standards. They’ve all been comprehensively tested for material and hydrostatic pressure irregularities and correctly evaluated for angular and durability performance. Each Yokohama fender is clearly marked with all relevant identification and fitted with radio frequency identification (RFID) as standard. Available in a whole variety of different sizes, each fender comes with up-to-date certifications.

All Yokohama pneumatic floating fenders are constructed with an inner rubber layer, this is reinforcing the cord layers and the outer rubber layer. They then have a thick outer skin which supersedes that of a normal surface fender. All fenders with a diameter of 2.5m and above are also fitted with a safety valve.

Yokohama fenders offer an outstanding return on investment due to durable and long-lasting material, this leads to low maintenance as the design withstands harsh marine environments. This gives you the confidence to guarantee the reliability, with consistent performance irrespective of age or extreme temperatures protecting ships and mooring facilities even when an excessive load is applied.

They’re also put through a rigorous testing process and each fender is fully certified by long-established and globally recognised manufacturers

Yokohama fenders are suitable for a whole host of applications, you can use them for various ship-to-quay and Ship-to-Ship applications with different a whole host of different sizes available. They are easy and inexpensive to install with only a guy rope of a chain required. They can also easily be transferred to alternative mooring points.

Yes, all Yokohama fenders are fully compatible with Fendercare Marine’s chain and tyre fender nets.

Contact us now to discuss your Yokohama pneumatic fender needs.