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At Fendercare we’re proud to have remained at the forefront of floating fender procurement and provision, supplying Yokohama pneumatic submarine fenders to the defence sector worldwide for over 30 years.

Our pneumatic fender solutions are agile and versatile, available for deployment at any time via our worldwide hubs.

Floating Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic fenders enable life-long safe berthing, through consistent energy absorption delivered via uniformly compressed air. Versatile and robust, pneumatic fenders can be used for a range of applications including the protection of mooring facilities and quayside or ship-to-ship operations, offering high-level protection for vessels in addition to their personnel and cargo.

Advantages of fenders over alternative, traditional berthing methods include:

  • Cost-effective replacement for deep water catamarans.
  • Easily moved to provide flexibility in berthing.
  • Easily transported to provide emergency berthing facilities.
  • Maintenance requirements are almost non-existent.
  • Unaffected by extreme climatic conditions.

Submarine fenders enhance efficiency and improve safety and can be used even in challenging environments to ensure full protection and high performance in any event. Yokohama pneumatic fenders also boast a unique safety feature – each one is fitted with a pressure valve to prevent accidents in the event of over-pressure due to high berthing velocities.

Pneumatic Fendering

In order to provide full protection at surface and subsurface, Yokohama pneumatic submarine fenders are deployed vertically. To maintain their position, the fenders are water ballasted and also have a counterweight attached to the bottom of the fender. The weight, shape and method of deployment of the counterweight can be adjusted to suit individual situations.

Submarine fenders are designed to offer higher bursting strength than a normal surface fender.

Minimum burst pressures:

2000mm diameter and smaller = 4.9kgf/cm2
2500mm diameter and larger = 5.7kgf/cm2

To facilitate water charge and discharge, flange openings are sited at each end of the fender. In addition, submarine fenders are fitted with a safety valve to enable excess pressure to be released should over-compression occur, further reducing the possibility of incidents that could affect the safety of ship personnel and vessel protection.


Below are some of the most commonly-asked questions we receive regarding our fender range. Please get in touch with our expert team if you have a question that isn’t covered here. 

Which type of fender is best suited to my needs?

Our collection of high-quality fenders is accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced sales and technical teams, who can guide and support you if required to ensure we can match your needs exactly.

What maintenance and servicing do you offer?

In addition to our leading-edge range of marine fenders, we also offer advanced maintenance capabilities, including emergency remedial work and ongoing support. Our fender servicing, maintenance and repair and installation support is offered worldwide from our global hubs in the UK, UAE, Singapore and Brazil. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever type of support you need, we’re ready and waiting to get you back up and running again.

Are your fenders compliant with ISO 17357-1:2014?

Offering a comprehensive and diverse variety of floating fender solutions, we’re well-equipped to service industries where high pressure and demands coupled with challenging environments require high value asset protection, robust solutions and rapid support. All floating fenders built and supplied by us are subject to stringent testing and development to ensure they achieve full compliance with ISO 17357-1:2014.

How well do your fenders perform?

Floating fenders provide superior protection via a PU coating and a foam core for high energy absorption and low reaction forces, resulting in products that are virtually unsinkable and can be relied upon for uncompromised performance even when damaged. Pneumatic floating fenders also offer safe capacity for excess loads and challenging temperatures of up to -50 C.


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