Our service options for pneumatic fenders deliver flexible and responsive support, allowing safe life extension to maximise your return on investment.

James Fisher Fendercare (JF Fendercare) provides in-house fender inspection and maintenance services globally by our expert technicians, to ensure the ongoing high safety standard and performance of your fenders.

As seasoned specialists in fender supply and operation, we’re proud to be one of the industry’s most trusted fender maintenance service providers globally. Because of this, we understand that every customers’ needs are unique, which is why we offer versatile maintenance contracts ranging from three to five years, or ad-hoc support as required.

We have service teams at our global bases and can maintain and repair fenders at our locations, or anywhere to suit you – either where your fenders are deployed or at your premises.

Why choose JF Fendercare for your fender servicing needs:
  • Flexible and responsive service
  • Expert team of technicians globally
  • Service packages that ensure the ongoing safe performance of your fenders
  • Service all leading brands of pneumatic fenders
  • The only approved repairer of Yokohama fenders worldwide

Marine fender inspection and maintenance

Regular and effective maintenance is a vital component of any ship’s operational schedule to ensure the extended lifespan and continued high performance of your fenders. Professional and specialised support is required, especially for large fleets, whether your fenders undergo routine check-ups or have a fault or issue that needs to be assessed. 

At JF Fendercare, our dedicated team of expert technicians execute fender repair and contract services, providing customers with an outstanding return on investment and complete peace of mind.

We’re the only authorised repairers of Yokohama fenders outside the factory itself, but we don’t just service Yokohama fenders - we also provide full maintenance and servicing for all the leading brands of pneumatic fenders globally.

Our cost-effective fender maintenance services include:

  • Chain, tyre cage replacements and components
  • Fender body restoration – puncture and split repairs (subject to inspection)
  • Overhaul, cleaning, inspection, testing and recalibration of safety valves (test certificate to be issued every two years)
  • Agile worldwide coverage for support whenever and wherever you need it

Yokohama fender servicing schedules

New Yokohama pneumatic fenders come with a standard, two-year manufacturer’s guarantee but require regular servicing, especially if fitted with a safety valve. The recommended service period for their pressure / safety valves is every two years and JF Fendercare’s experience notes that this is also a recommended period to check / repair tyre nets.

If you’ve purchased your Yokohama fender through JF Fendercare, we’ll contact you by email in advance of the service due date and then follow up to arrange a convenient time and location for the service to take place.

By choosing JF Fendercare to service your fenders, you can rest assured that we will deliver the same high quality, support and attention to detail that you can expect from the world’s largest supplier and operator of genuine Yokohama fenders.

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