Our fender maintenance options allow customers to service all aspects of their fenders.

Expert fender maintenance and worldwide support

Fender maintenance

As seasoned specialists in fender supply, we’re proud to be one of the industry’s most trusted fender maintenance providers globally. Our decades of experience enable us to offer comprehensive fender repair and maintenance services, delivered via our strategically-situated international hubs for efficient and responsive support wherever and whenever you need it.

We’re also the world’s leading distributor and only authorised repairer of Yokohama fenders anywhere in the world, outside of Yokohama itself. This enables us to provide expert maintenance services for various industries, from commercial shipping and defence to offshore oil and gas and bulk carriers. 

Marine fender repairs

Cost-effective, highly efficient fender maintenance solutions.

Regular and effective maintenance is a vital component of any ship’s operational schedule to ensure the extended lifespan and continued high performance of your fenders. Professional and specialised support is required, especially for large fleets, whether your fenders are undergoing a routine check-up or have a fault or issue that needs to be assessed.  

At Fendercare, our dedicated team of expert engineers execute various fender repair and contract services, providing our customers with an outstanding return on investment and complete peace of mind. 

We’re constantly improving and continue to innovate, ensuring our products and services remain at the forefront of contemporary fender technology. Customers will benefit from our ever-expanding knowledge base, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and optimised operation of your fenders at all times. 

From puncture repairs to replacement tyre cages, our fender maintenance and servicing options are essential for ongoing use.
With over 30 years of experience, Fendercare Marine are the authority on fender supply and maintenance.

Fender maintenance services

Our cost-effective fender maintenance services include:

  • Chain, tyre cage replacements and components.
  • Fender body restoration – puncture and split repairs (subject to inspection)
  • Overhaul, cleaning, inspection, testing and recalibration of safety valves (test certificate to be issued every two years).
  • Holding various chain and tyre net stock which can be utilised as spares. Nets can be supplied in lorry tyres, aircraft tyre, lightweight nets, rope nets and non-marking tyres.

Our unique high-protection net system offers increased durability and life expectancy.

Agile worldwide coverage for support whenever and wherever you need it.

As a global company with worldwide coverage, we have a uniquely extensive network which enables us to offer our specialist services at hundreds of locations internationally, with maintenance activities performed at our global bases in the UK, Middle East, Brazil and Singapore. Our engineers can travel worldwide to a specific site that suits your needs, alternatively, we can also carry out maintenance and repair work at a customer’s own premises. 

Flexible fender maintenance and support, tailored to you.  

We understand that every client’s requirements are unique – so you need solutions that work to suit your objectives and challenges specifically. That’s why we offer versatile maintenance contracts ranging from 3 to 5 years or ad-hoc support that can be tailored to suit your needs. We also service other leading brands of pneumatic fenders, ensuring comprehensive and reliable support for your fleet. 

Our team are on hand to help answer any questions, from fixed fenders to high-holding power anchors, we can help.

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