Fendercare Marine provide a marine fender design service, allowing customers to tailor products to suit their requirements.

Specialists for over 30 years

Marine fender design

Fendercare Marine can create bespoke fendering solutions for its customers, based on the significant expertise gained in the development of its comprehensive fendering products.

We have a market-leading range of fixed and floating fender products, including some of the world’s foremost fender brands, but where there’s a requirement for a marine fender design solution we can apply our decades of experience to designing, engineering and delivering solutions to give our customers the best possible outcome.

We believe we are at our best when we are applying our expertise to developing world-class solutions, so please register your interest to see how we can help you.

Bespoke fender range

The Modular Rig Pile System was developed for an offshore client who required fendering for a rig leg 3.6m in diameter, with precise positioning of a combination of fixed and floating units.

The foam Swiss cheese fender was the solution for a navy requiring a frigate-deployable submerged fender for when one of their submarines came alongside whilst out on patrol.

The Fendercare Marine floating backboard was developed for one of our naval customers who asked us to help them develop a mobile system which would allow them to use Yokohama fenders against open-pile quays across their base. We have subsequently designed a similar system for submarine fenders.

For our cog-shaped cross-section fender, we worked with our range of suppliers to design and meet specific customer requirements.

If you have a particular requirement for bespoke fenders or wish to discuss our fender hire services please contact our team directly or register your interest below.

Fendercare provides a bespoke fendering option for customers that require a unique approach.

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