JF Fendercare’s range of multi-purpose fenders offer durability and protection for a wide range of vessel and quayside applications.

James Fisher Fendercare’s (JF Fendercare) lightweight and durable multi-purpose fenders are suitable for a wide range of vessel and quayside applications.

Our multi-purpose fenders come in a variety of standard sizes, but with our in-house technical expertise we're able to design bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

JF Fendercare’s multi-purpose fender range includes:
  • Bespoke fendering solutions
  • Composite fenders
  • Hollow D-cylindrical bore fender (DC fender)
  • Hollow D profile D bore fender (DD fender)
  • Rectangular C fenders
  • Rectangular D fenders


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We can also provide a range of lightweight and durable vessel fenders and quayside fixed fendering solutions that deliver enhanced protection and reliability.

JF Fendercare's range of multi-purpose fenders

Our in-house design team’s technical expertise and pioneering approach to problem-solving enables JF Fendercare to solve our customers’ specific fendering system requirements efficiently and economically.

With significant experience developed over 30 years, we can support your specific multi-purpose fixed fendering system requirements.

Widely used on dock jetties and wharves for smaller vessel, composite fenders are resilient, offering low-friction and wear resistant properties to protect your quaysides. They come in a wide variety of sizes, made from a combination of rubber and UHMW-PE using vulcanisation, making the composite fenders strong and reliable.

Primarily used on vessels and quaysides. Available in sizes up to 600mm and a maximum length of 6m, however larger sizes are available upon request.

Like hollow D-D bore fenders, but with a cylindrical inner bore. These fenders are versatile and cost effective.

Available in sizes up to 600mm and a maximum length of 6m, however larger sizes are available upon request.

A simple, robust fender which has been designed to absorb heavy impacts and withstand all weather conditions, our hollow rectangular quayside fenders offer complete peace of mind.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, these highly durable fenders are easy to cut and drill to meet your exact specifications. Once cut to fit your needs, the installation process is quick and easy, ensuring maximum protection of your quayside from day one.

Rectangular D fenders, also known as square type fenders, are a versatile solution for all sizes and shapes of vessels or quayside applications, and are available in a wide range of sizes or can be developed to suit your specific application.

Ideal for workboats delivering high-performance to protect against heavy rubbing, brushing and pushing, they’re easy to install and can be pre-curved, chamfered and drilled.

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