Our vessel fenders are durable and provide excellent energy absorption, to protect vessels during critical operations.

James Fisher Fendercare’s (JF Fendercare) durable and high performance vessel fenders are suitable for a wide range of vessel and boat applications.

With both rubber and foam vessel fender solutions, our vessel fenders come in a wide variety of standard sizes, but customised options are also available on request.

Key features of our vessel fenders:

  • Collision resistant
  • Energy absorbing power
  • Extremely robust
  • High buoyancy

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Rubber vessel fenders

Our range of robust rubber vessel fenders are manufactured using the highest quality material grades for enhanced performance and durability, as well as ease of installation.

Foam vessel fendering systems

Our vessel fenders are extremely lightweight and durable foam elastomer systems which are typically bonded to the vessel’s hull, offering simple installation and removing the issue of fenders splitting around bolt-holes. We can supply mechanically fixed fenders if required.

Depending upon the application, we can vary the materials we use (e.g. the density of the foam, the material properties of the PU and the mesh reinforcement system) to provide the ideal combination for each specific project.

We can also incorporate Kevlar™ reinforcement into the PU skin of our fenders to give an outstanding level of durability, particularly where high-wear areas have been identified.


JF Fendercare also provides a range of high-performance multi-purpose and quayside fixed fendering solutions that deliver enhanced protection and reliability.

JF Fendercare's vessel fender range includes:

If you require bespoke vessel fixed fendering systems, our design team and expert engineers can develop specific solutions to meet your requirements, utilising our 30 years of experience.

We’ll use our specialist knowledge and expertise to meet your needs every time, offering expert guidance on installation and deployment following delivery.

Cast fenders offer high-quality and are lightweight with a smooth surface finish, making them ideal for leisure vessels. Cast fenders offer significantly reduced weight, where this is a consideration, without impacting their high performance and protection – with very high energy absorption and a low reaction force. They can also be designed to suit the specific shape and colour of your hull as required.

Designed to absorb repeated, heavy impacts, our keyhole type fender is ideal for heavy-duty applications. The quality of materials and manufacture ensure high abrasion and wear resistance, allowing this type of fender to offer maximum protection throughout its lifetime. Keyhole type fenders are easily machined to best fit your needs and ensure the safety of your assets.

M fenders are known for their flexibility and ability to mould to the contour of a bow or stern, making them ideal for tub or workboat applications. A more lightweight alternative to the W fender, the M fender’s grooves provide additional grip to ensure good contact, while exerting low pressure.

Polyform fenders are designed to withstand even the toughest marine conditions and are known in the industry for their strength and flexibility. These lightweight yet heavy duty inflatable fenders are highly abrasive resistance with high energy absorption and come in a wide range of sizes and colours - available for small craft to commercial and Navy vessels.

Our tug and workboat cylindrical fenders are designed to perform in adverse conditions, protecting the craft and crew from both mooring and berthing forces during pushing operations.

Cylindrical fenders on tugs, which can be fitted to the bow and stern, are typically the primary pushing fenders pushing against both large and small vessels.

Our robust range of winged fenders are the ideal choice in protecting vessels during berthing operations. The wings on either side of the fender body allow simple installation and offer significant stability and security. Wing fenders have high energy absorption and offer a long service life.

Primarily fitted to the bow of tugboats, the W fender is a robust unit that can mould to the shape of the bow and provide support for the tug’s operations.

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