Our lightweight grey navy fenders are used extensively by the UK navy.

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Navy fenders

The lightweight grey navy fender has been developed in cooperation with the Yokohama Rubber Company following extensive trials and input from the UK Royal Navy.

Fendercare Marine has supplied Yokohama onboard floating fenders to many global navies, including those of Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Jordan, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA. In the past 10 years, we have supplied the UK Royal Navy with over 2000 fenders, representing approximately 180 complete ship sets.

Lightweight naval fenders

Vessels carry the naval lightweight grey fenders with them at all times, for use at home, at sea and in foreign ports as utility fenders. These specially designed fenders are used primarily for two applications; ship-to-quay and Ship-to-Ship. For ship-to-quay applications the fenders are used to berth a vessel alongside a quay or wharf. For Ship-to-Ship applications the fenders are used to berth or moor two vessels side-by-side (double-banking) in port or at sea.


The fender body is constructed from a rubber inner core with a non-magnetic metal mouthpiece at both ends. A grey rubber outer skin with a minimum of two plies of tyre cord layers, also coated with rubber, protects the inner core. The fenders can therefore be used on mine counter-measure vessels. A PT1/8 air valve is fitted at the end of the fender to allow access for inflation whilst ensuring maximum protection from damage during normal use.

The fender was designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Weight constraints
  • Male/female manageability
  • High level of performance
  • Ease of storage
  • Long life expectancy
  • Non-marking/non-magnetic
The lighweight grey fenders are used for both STS and STQ operations.

Naval fender specifications

NATO information: For ease of purchase, two sizes of the naval lightweight grey fender have been accredited with NATO stock number;

  • AF0510D – NATO stock number: NSN 2040-99-535-3390
  • AF1015D – NATO stock number: NSN 2040-99-885-0321

Weight and Dimensions

Fender Diameter x length Initial pressure Weight Fitting
AF0510D 500mm x 1000mm 0.8kgf/cm2 24kg Double fitting
AF0510S 500mm x 1000mm 0.8kgf/cm2 20kg Single fitting
AF1015D 1000mm x 1500mm 0.8kgf/cm2 65kg Double fitting


  Deflection (%) Energy absorption (kNm) Reaction force (kN)
AF0510D 30 1.3 19.6
AF0510D 60 8 85
AF0510S 30 1.3 19.6
AF0510S 60 8 85
AF1015D 30 7.1 54.9
AF1015D 60 45 239

Naval fender FAQs

Please see a selection of commonly asked questions regarding the naval fenders;

What is the difference between a regular and lightweight naval?

Lightweight naval fenders are designed to be more efficient in weight and buoyancy. They offer improved protection against damage during contact with other vessels and superior shock absorption capabilities due to their composition. Lightweight naval fenders also tend to have a longer operational life than regular ones. Additionally, lightweight naval fenders are easier to manoeuvre and deploy.

Why are lightweight naval fenders important?

Lightweight naval fenders are essential because of the superior protection provided to vessels compared to regular naval fenders. Lightweight naval fenders have improved shock absorption capabilities and longer operational life, making them ideal for ship-to-quay and Ship-to-Ship applications.

How do lightweight naval fenders work?

Lightweight naval fenders are deployed vertically to protect both at the surface and underwater. They’re water ballasted to stay in place and have a counterweight at the bottom, which can be adjusted for different help.

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