Our range of quality mooring chocks are high-strength and robust – suitable for heavy use and high working loads.

Designed to secure mooring lines and safely distribute their forces, James Fisher Fendercare’s (JF Fendercare) range of closed mooring chocks, for both deck and bulwark applications, are high-strength and robust. They are suitable for heavy use and high working loads, ensuring the safe berthing and towing of your vessels.

They’re accepted by class societies as compliant to MSC1175, meaning they don’t need to go through design-approval process, saving you a considerable amount of time and money and giving you peace of mind in the safety and security of your vessel during mooring and towing operations.

All our chocks are built to industry standards (including ISO 13729) and we can also design bespoke mooring chocks to suit your specific requirements. They can also be used for single point mooring (SPM) and emergency towing systems.

Our deck mounted closed chocks are also all suitable for the working loads specified by the Panama Canal Authority – also known as Panama chocks.

Mooring chocks are typically used in fixed mooring arrangements where a stable line is required, for example port and terminal berthing. For more dynamic mooring scenarios such as offshore mooring where a vessel may need to adapt to changing conditions, fairleads provide greater flexibility and control of line movements.

JF Fendercare’s range of closed deck-mounted and bulwark chocks include:

  • Deck mounted chocks
    • DIN 81915 deck chocks
    • ISO 13729 deck chocks
    • JIS F 2005 standard deck chocks
    • JIS F 2017 deck chock
  • Bulwark chocks
    • DIN 81915 bulwark chock
    • ISO 13729 bulwark chock
    • JIS F 2017 bulwark chock
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