High-quality and specialised deck equipment for emergency towing systems as well as single point moorings.

James Fisher Fendercare’s range of single point mooring (SPM) and emergency towing system equipment ensuring vessel and crew safety during critical mooring and anchorage operations.

Our high-quality mooring equipment are designed for heavy duty applications, where strength and durability are required and meet all SOLAS regulations.

James Fisher Fendercare’s range of SPM and emergency towing equipment includes:

We also provide a wide range of deck,quayside, andmooringequipment and are able to design and produce bespoke solutions for specific applications.

Chain stoppers

Chain stoppers are used to safely and securely hold anchor chains, helping to relieve the strain on the windlass, preventing slippage and potential damage by acting as an emergency brake.

Our high strength and durable bow chain stoppers are Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) tongue types. Used for both mooring operations and in emergency towing systems, they’re available with or without a plinth.

Standard safe working loads specifications of 102 and 204-tonnes are available, while 250 and 350-tonne capacities are available on request. As well as being manufactured to OCIMF guidelines, our chain stoppers are LRS, ABS and DNV type approved.

Example of a SMIT bracket designed for a customer

Smit brackets

Used to easily connect mooring lines, chafe chains and towing chains, we provide high-quality smit brackets for a range of marine applications, including single point mooring (SPM) and emergency towing systems, to suit most sized anchors and chains.

Smit brackets have a large sliding steel pin which securely locks the mooring chain into place. They’re welded to the deck and are rated to withstand the breaking load of the marine chain used. Available standard capacities are 102 and 204 tonnes, but 250 and 350 tonnes are available on request.

All our smit brackets are class-approved for use in all emergency towing situations, either within a towing system or used individually for chain connections on a vessel or barge.

We can also develop bespoke smit bracket designs to fit your needs, by our expert project engineers.

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