As well as offering premium Yokohama pneumatic fenders, we also provide a range of fender tyre nets – helping to extend their safe operational life.

Due to our extensive operational experience, we’ve developed a unique high-protection chain and tyre net system which offers additional protection to the body of the fender – helping to extend its safe operational life, further maximizing the return on your investment.

High-protection chain and tyre nets

JF Fendercare is renowned for the unrivalled quality of its chain and tyre nets – from stainless steel and non-magnetic nets to non-marking tyre nets for naval and cruise ships and bespoke designs.

Our unparalleled expertise means that your fenders will be best protected, while still meeting your exacting requirements without compromise.

A chain and tyre net will normally be fitted to a pneumatic or foam fender to protect its body from damage by sharp objects, or via the absorption of shear loads during berthing. The better the net, the more protection it offers.

We have developed a unique, high-protection net system which offers more protection to the body of the fender – helping to maximise the life of the fender.

JF Fendercare offers a range of high-protection nets to meet all needs, including:
  • Lightweight nets to meet a ship’s crane and davit limitations
  • Heavy duty nets to cope with harsh sea conditions and high snatch loads
  • Double nets to offer stand-off options
  • Non-marking tyre nets for navy and cruise ship applications
  • Rope nets for ultra-lightweight applications
  • Non-magnetic, stainless-steel nets

All JF Fendercare nets are designed with ease of maintenance and serviceability in mind. The net is built in sections so it remains easy and cost-effective to repair, should a specific area sustain damage or require replacement due to corrosion.

Tyre net options

Non-marking nets

These are mostly used by the military and cruise ship sectors where the desire to leave no rubber marks is paramount.

Lightweight nets

Weight is often critical due to restricted lifting capacity, and where that’s the case we can provide bespoke nets with fewer tyres – while still offering enhance protection.

Double nets

In addition to added protection, double nets enlarge the diameter of the fender which is an effective way to increase stand-off.

Tyre net fender systems

Tyre nets are often viewed as a simple, life-extending addition to pneumatic or foam fenders. However, with our in-house design capabilities and experienced technicians we also offer highly durable, bespoke tyre net fender systems to exactly match your fendering needs.

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