Our market-leading range of fixed fenders deliver enhanced durability and protection, catering for a wide range of applications.

Renowned for enhanced durability, bespoke offerings and enhanced lifespan, James Fisher Fendercare’s range of quayside fixed fenders is uniquely designed to suit any requirement. 

From cone and cell fenders to arch and wheel fenders, we can supply as a single element or as part of a complete designed fender system. All JF Fendercare fenders are subject to strict testing and development protocols and are carefully designed and manufactured to the latest industry standards.

Quality quayside fixed fender solutions

Whether you require faultless performance for your port or terminal, or a bespoke solution developed just for you, our leading range of fixed solutions cater to a wide range of applications - from standard fixed fender profiles to fully bespoke engineered fixed systems that protect docks and quaysides.

JF Fendercare also provides a range of high-performance multi-purpose and vessel fixed fendering solutions that deliver enhanced protection and reliability.

JF Fendercare's fixed fender range

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The arch fender is a V-shaped design which has been optimised to provide increased energy absorption, compared to traditional arch fenders.

JF Fendercare offers arch fenders as either single elements, or as part of a complete fender system. They are particularly useful for vessels with high allowable hull pressures and where mounting space, or stand-off considerations are strictly defined.

The simple design of our arch fender lends itself to easy installation. Manufactured using long-lasting, highly durable materials, JF Fendercare’s arch fenders ensure peak performance and protection in a compact package. A range of standard and bespoke dimensions are available to suit all performance requirements.


Arch fenders

In addition to our off-the-shelf range of fixed fenders, our design teams and expert engineers can also design and build whole quayside fixed fendering systems and develop bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the tools to create completely customised fender solutions designed by our technical team in addition to singular fenders where required. We’ll use our specialist knowledge and expertise to meet your needs every time, offering expert guidance on installation and deployment following delivery.

Cone fenders have the highest energy to reaction rations of any fender currently in use. The high efficiency of the fender allows a smaller, less costly, rubber fender to be installed.

The durability of cone fenders is equal to the popular cell fender and exceeds the durability of most unit or leg fenders available.

Cell fenders are available in the widest range of sizes of any fender type.

The large mounting flanges serve to distribute the fender load over the back of the fender panel frame and allows easy installation of the mounting bolts.

Easy to install, cylindrical fenders are a versatile and economical solution. Cylindrical fenders deliver progressive load-deflection characteristics making them suitable for both large and small vessel berthing.

An extremely versatile design, hollow cylindrical quayside fenders are available in a large range of sizes. They’re robust with high abrasion resistance making them ideal for multi-user berths.

The fenders are hung from pad eyes, or even from quayside bollards, and have proven to offer much lower through life costs when compared to panel systems. Up to 600mm outer diameter, the fender is suspended with chain only. When the outer diameter is over 600mm, the fender is suspended with a chain and bar.

Although most cylindrical fender installations are horizontally mounted, they can be fitted vertically depending on project requirements.

Element leg fenders are a highly versatile and high-performance modular solution, providing a compact solution to mounting fenders in limited areas and delivering enhanced asset protection.

Their modular design allows custom arrangement and simple installation to your specific requirements. Suitable for a wide range of applications, element leg fenders deliver high energy capacity with low friction and high wear resistance.

Our element leg fenders have a narrower footprint than traditional element leg fenders and can be mounted behind a panel or pile. They can also be used with a UHMW-PE shield to provide a low-cost alternative to an arch fender.

Unique to JF Fendercare, our tyre chain mats utilise the same principles as our chain nets. They consist of a flat configuration of chains and tyres, to protect quay walls from berthing vessels in places where fenders are not appropriate.

We can build these mats to the required specification, just call us to find out more.

Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW-PE) is a hard-wearing engineering plastic with characteristics which make it ideal for forming low friction surfaces in the marine environment.

UHMW-PE has been used for many years as the material of choice to provide a hard-wearing low friction facing material for marine fenders and structures. It is generally available in continuous lengths of up to 5m and width of around 1.5m. The thickness of the material is generally limited to approximately 150mm. It is an easily machined material and is available in a variety of colours, or if recycled material is used it is usually black speckled. It should be noted that UHMW-PE does not provide any energy absorption; it is purely a facing material.

UHMW-PE features:

  • Greater wear resistance than steel
  • Low friction
  • Low maintenance
  • Does not rot
  • Fully recyclable
  • Full range of colours
  • Unaffected by low temperatures


Typical UHMW-PE applications:

  • Sacrificial facing for panel fenders
  • Low friction facing for piles wooden or steel
  • Low friction surfaces

Wheel fenders are designed to protect quayside corners and dock entrances, where corners are exposed. The rolling wheel fender supports vessels manoeuvering into berths and narrow or restricted channels, to help guide and prevent hull damage.

The wheel fender is mounted on a fixed axle supported by a special frame which allows the fender rotates with the axle and they’re available in single or multi-wheel configurations.

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