Our specially designed naval lightweight grey fenders are more efficient in weight and buoyancy as well as non-marking – for defence and naval applications.

James Fisher Fendercare's (JF Fendercare) specially designed naval lightweight grey fenders offer all the superior value and performance of Yokohama fenders, but are more efficient in weight and buoyancy as well as non-marking.

Designed to be more efficient in weight and buoyancy, these fenders offer improved protection against damage during contact with other vessels and superior shock absorption capabilities due to their composition, as well as a longer operational life and being easier to manoeuvre and deploy. Our lightweight naval fenders provide significantly superior protection to vessels, when compared to regular naval fenders.

The lightweight naval grey fender was developed by JF Fendercare, working in cooperation with Yokohama, following extensive trials and operational feedback from the Royal Navy.

The lightweight grey fender was designed to meet the following defence and naval requirements:

  • Low weight constraints
  • High level of performance
  • Ease of storage
  • Long life expectancy
  • Non-marking / non-magnetic
  • Able to be carried on existing naval assets

Whether at their home port or on operational duty, naval ships always carry fenders onboard as utility fenders. These specially designed fenders are primarily used for two applications, ship-to-quay berthing or ship-to-ship berthing.

JF Fendercare has supplied lightweight naval grey fenders to be carried onboard many of the world’s navies, including those of Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, South Africa, the UK and USA. For example, over the past decade we have supplied the UK’s Royal Navy with over 2,000 fenders – equivalent to around 180 complete ship sets.

Lightweight naval fender features

The lightweight grey pneumatic fender body is constructed from a rubber inner core, with a non-magnetic metal mouthpiece at both ends so that it can be used on mine counter-measure vessels. The fender’s outer skin of grey rubber is non-marking and consists of at least two plies of tyre cord layers, coated with rubber to protect the inner core.

A PT1/8 air valve is fitted at the end of the fender to allow access for inflation whilst ensuring maximum protection from damage during normal use.

Our naval success stories

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Fendering solutions for US Navy

In September 2012, Fendercare was awarded a five year contract worth up to $25 million to supply Yokohama hydropneumatic fendering to the US Navy.

Our naval success stories

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Fender support for NATO vessels

In September 2014, Fendercare provided fendering support to a flotilla of NATO warships in the Port of Cardiff during the NATO summit.

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